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UF1 behaving strangely with Logic Pro

Controls surface assignments not working as expected

Problem: When connected to a Logic session, lots of controls don’t behave quite as expected.


In some cases, Logic sometimes can automatically identify a control surface, and try to populate assignments for you. However, this is usually not desired, and you can end up with multiple assignments to the same control.

If you find that the UF1 is behaving strangely with Logic, it’s worth clearing the controller assignments using Logic’s Expert view. 


Easy Steps

1) Go to Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments...

2) Delete all the items in the left-hand "Zone" column by clicking with the mouse (it will highlight the item in blue) and then press backspace on each one.

3) Go to Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Rebuilt Defaults.

This will rebuild the list and should resolve the issue.


Corrupted Control Surfaces Preferences 

This is for those who experience the same issues as above but the steps there do not fix the issue.

1) Quit Logic.

2) Hold down Option as you choose the Go menu in the Finder and select "Library". In there go to Preferences and trash

3) Reopen Logic and set up the UF1 in control surfaces setup again, as per the User Guide.