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Rent-to-Own FAQ

What is Rent-to-Own?

Rent-to-own provides a way to get access to a plug-in by making low monthly payments. After making a payment, you will have access to the plug-in for a month before you a billed again.

✓ Try it free for 14 days
✓ Pause or cancel at any time

After completing a rent-to-own payment plan, you will receive a full perpetual license for the plug-in so that you can keep it forever.

You can view manage your rent-to-own purchases from the dashboard at


Refunds and the 14-day Free Trial 

Every rent-to-own plan begins with a 14-day free trial. This gives you the opportunity to try out the plug-in before you start paying for it. We do not offer refunds on payments made after this trial period.

If you do not cancel during the first 14 days, then the first payment will automatically be collected and your rent-to-own plan will begin. 


Paying Off a Rent-to-Own Plan

You can can payoff a rent-to-own plan at any time. When you payoff a rent-to-own plan, you will immediately receive a full perpetual license for the product.

To payoff a rent-to-own plan, visit your rent-to-own dashboard at and click the order number.

From this page, you can immediately payoff your rent-to-own plan.


Pausing a Rent-to-Own Plan

A customer can pause their rent-to-own plan for up to 3 months in a row, by visiting the dashboard at

Switch 'Payments' to OFF to pause your rent-to-own plan.

When paused, the customer will not be charged at the next billing cycle, and will lose access to the product while the contract is paused. 

After 3 months of being paused, a plan will automatically be cancelled.

When a paused contract is restarted the payment method will be charged immediately at that point and the next payment will be taken on the normal payment date.


Do I lose access immediately when I pause my Rent-to-Own Plan?

No, but you will lose access at the start of the next billing cycle.


Cancelling a Rent-to-Own Plan

Cancelling a rent-to-own plan means you will lose access to the plug-in immediately. You can cancel your rent-to-own at any time but you will not receive a refund.

To cancel you plan, visit click the dashboard at, and click the order number.

From this page, you can permanently cancel your plan.


Missed Payments

When you miss a payment for any reason, we will continually retry failed payments. You will receive email notifications when the payment fails.

The retry payment policy is as follows:

  • Retry 1 day after failed payment
  • Retry every 2 days

If the failed payment is still unpaid after 7 days, then the order will be cancelled.

If the order is cancelled then you forfeit all payments up to this point.