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UC1 not connecting/not seen by SSL 360° on Windows



"Just received my UC1 today but it will not connect with 360 on my Window computer, UC1 just says Awaiting Connection to SSL 360. I've tried using different USB ports, and I've tried disabling the anti-virus but nothing works, any ideas?"




If you see this kind of issue and the user has tried different USB ports, connecting directly to their computer etc, then it's most likely related to a bug that is present in the 1.3 and 1.4 installers that affects 'fresh' installs of SSL 360° (e.g. it affects people who install 1.3 or 1.4 without having had 1.2 previously installed).


To fix:

  • Uninstall SSL 360° completely using Windows Add/Remove programs tool
  • Install SSL 360° v1.2 - you can grab the installer from here
  • Then Install SSL 360° v1.4 over the top of SSL 360° v1.2
  • UC1 should now appear in SSL 360°, update the firmware and you're good to go.