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Channel Strip 2 fails validation in Logic Pro on M1 Mac


Software built for Macs with Intel hardware may not function correctly on Macs with Apple Silicone. Apple provides the Rosetta 2 app free of charge as a solution.  

More information is available here and here.


How to Validate the Plugin

  • From the Finder menu bar, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  • Type /System/Library/CoreServices/Rosetta2 then click Go.
  • Double-click the Rosetta 2 Updater, then follow the prompts to install Rosetta.
  • Run Logic Pro with Rosetta enabled (right click Logic Pro > Get Info > tick ‘Open using Rosetta’).
  • Re-validate Channel Strip 2 in Logic Pro’s plug-in manager.

Once validated, you may disable Rosetta if you wish.