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Plug-In Licensing, iLok, and Authorization FAQ

How do I find my iLok User ID?

Your iLok User ID is the same as the User ID that you use to log into the iLok License Manager application or

When registering iLok-protected software, your iLok User ID is required so that a license can be deposited in your iLok account.

If you do not know what your iLok User ID is, you should go to and verify that you have the correct User ID.

If you have not previously created a user account at, you will need to do that first in order to get your User ID. You can go here if you have forgotten your iLok User ID.

It is displayed in the top left corner of iLok License Manager:


Plug-In Does Not Appear In My SSL Account

There are three reasons why you may not see a license in your account:

  1. You purchased the plugin via a 3rd party. Only purchases made from will appear in accounts at this time.
  2. If you purchased your plugins before the new account portal (Summer 2021), see Where can I find my purchased plug-ins?
  3. If you have just purchased a new plugin directly from SSL see below:

License Activations

Activating Licenses To a Location

Please note that plug-ins purchased on the SSL Web Store are deposited directly into your iLok account.


Acquiring Plugins With an iLok Activation Code

If you purchased Native or other SSL product from a retailer instead of directly from SSL, you may have received an iLok Activation Code or printed card.

Within iLok License Manager enter the code in the Licenses > Redeem activation code menu.

2 Activations Per License

As of February 2021, SSL provide two activations per license.

To use plug-ins across more than two machines, you may use the iLok 2 or 3 USB Smart Key, deactivate and reactive to each machine in iLok License Manager, or buy additional licenses.

If you have activations stuck on an inaccessible machine, reach out to support for assistance.


Transferring Activations From Your Physical iLok To Your Computer

Detailed below is the process to transfer your iLok 2 or 3 Smart Key-based licenses to machine-location licensing.


iLok Activation Code Messages When I Open My DAW

Please read below for what to do if you have activation code messages in your DAW.

SSL do not use activation codes when you purchase directly from our website.

Licenses are deposited directly to your iLok ID given at time of order. If you received plugins as part of a hardware purchase, you will deposit plugins to iLok directly within your SSL account, or via a physical printed card included with legacy products.


Using SSL Native v6 With Duende Native Licenses

SSL Native V6 is a free update for existing Duende Native customers.

Transferring Or Selling iLok Licenses

This can be achieved using the iLok License Manager app.

Please see iLok's website for instructions: Transferring iLok licenses to another account


GarageBand and iLok

There is an issue with GarageBand obtaining authorization information from Pace (iLok).

Using Vocalstrip Licenses With Vocalstrip2

Vocalstrip 2 can be used with an existing Vocalstrip iLok license; a free upgrade for existing Vocalstrip customers.

SSL Native subscription holders will automatically see their Vocalstrip iLok license change to a Vocalstrip 2 license for the duration of their subscription as part of the SSL Native plug-in suite.