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Activating licences to a location

Please note that plug-ins purchased on the SSL Web Store are deposited directly into your iLok account.

If you do not see licenses you have just purchased, you may have used your email address instead of your iLok ID at time of order. Submit a ticket with a screenshot of your iLok License Manager to correct this.

Please note that SSL Native plug-ins v6.2 and earlier can only use the iLok 2 or 3 Smart Key location. Machine location was added for plug-ins after SSL Native v6.3.

1. Plug iLok into the machine that you want the licenses to based on.
2. Log into iLok License Manager.
3. Go to your available licenses.


4. Select the licenses you wish to activate.


5. Right Click on those licenses and select Activate. Then choose your desired location by clicking on that location in the window below:


6. Select Activate. You have now activated to your preferred location.

Please note that Delta Control must be on iLok 2 dongle or higher.