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I only have one-way communication

This applies to Sigma, Nucleus, Matrix, AWS and Duality

One-way communication generally has to do with your network IGMP multicast capability. Search our articles for multicast for this information:

There is a specific instance having to do with an old Pro Tools bug described below:

This may happen if you are not running Pro Tools as an administrator. This has been verified with Pro Tools 10.2 on Windows 7 64-bit and may affect other versions.

To run an application as administrator, right-click the app icon and click "Run as administrator."

A case has been observed where Pro Tools responded normally to SSL control surface data, but control data from Pro Tools would not correctly reach the SSL.

For example, while the SSL faders would correctly control Pro Tools on-screen faders, moving a fader in the Pro Tools would not cause the corresponding Nucleus fader to move.

Running Pro Tools as administrator resolved this issue.