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Duality Delta Operational Guide

This manual is divided into six main sections, and is designed to provide a comprehensive source of information for Duality δelta console users. The table of contents will help you to familiarise yourself with the basic content of each section. If you are reading this from an electronic version of the manual, use the ‘bookmark’ feature to rapidly locate to virtually any topic.

If you have not previously used an SSL console, you are advised to read the Duality δelta overview at the start of Section 2. Those of you who have experience of SSL’s range of analogue consoles will have little difficulty getting to grips with the operation of this console’s control surface; features that are specific to Duality δelta are fully described in Section 2.

To set-up and configure the software interface between Duality δelta and your chosen DAW, please study Section 3. This section also covers the DAW functions that you can usefully control from Duality SE’s centre section.

Finally, the last section in this manual is provided to hold useful appendices that you may be supplied with from time to time.

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Console Operations
  • Section 3: DAW Control
  • Section 4: Total Recall
  • Section 5: Automation
  • Section 6: Remote Browser
  • Appendices