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UF8 and Studio One     

FLIP mode not working in Insert Bypass or Track mode

When in Studio one INSERT BYPASS and TRACK modes don't FLIP but the FLIP tally lights?
Press the FLIP button when in Insert Bypass or Track mode (accessed from the V-Pots) and FLIP will light up. However, the controls will not actually flip. 

This is a known issue with Studio One’s MCU integration


UF8 Plugin Page button issue

UF8 Studio One (Windows) - Plugin Page buttons (which serve the function of selecting the previous and next device in an open plug-in editor) do not work and they also break channel selection and banking.
 How to resolve once broken - Removing and adding the Mackie Controller in Studio One's settings fixes the channel banking. Restarting Studio One also fixes it.
 Users are advised not to use the plug-in page buttons until the issue has been fixed.
 Current status: Under investigation.