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360° Link Plug-in Comparison Table

Below shows the differences of functionality between our natively integrated channel strips and 3rd party channel strips hosted within 360 Link.

Feature Official SSL 360-enabled channel strips (Channel Strip 2, 4K B, 4K E) SSL 360 Link (any third-party VST3 plug-in)
Hands-on control from UC1
Parameter name and value displayed on UC1 screen
360 Plug-in Mixer Integration + Control from UF8 & UF1
Solo, Mute & Solo Clear Functionality
Enhanced VST3 DAW Integration (DAW Volume, Mute, Follow Selected Track, Colours, Sends)
Input/Output Metering
Built-in Output Volume Fader Level
Built-in Pan and Width Controls (Stereo Instances)
Customisable Control Maps & Parameter Names
Load Presets from UC1
5-Segment Comp/Gate Metering on UC1
UF1 EQ Display Readout