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LUNA v1.4.6 and UC1/Plug-in Mixer integration

LUNA have released v1.4.6 which adds VST3 support for SSL 360°-enabled plug-ins (Channel Strip 2, 4K B, Bus Compressor 2 and Meter). 

What this means is that:

  • UC1/Plug-in Mixer - 360° channel strip plug-ins now follow the LUNA session track ordering
  • UC1/Plug-in Mixer - solo & cut buttons now directly control LUNA track's solo and mute buttons 
  • UC1/Plug-in Mixer - follow track selection is currently not fully implemented but is scheduled for SSL 360 v1.6 later in the year

Important notes:

  • Existing LUNA sessions with AU format types will continue to load but any new instances of 360-enabled plug-ins inserted into the session will be in VST3 format
    • The reason this is important to note is that mixing and matching VST3 and AU formats is not supported by UC1/Plug-in Mixer - it can cause issues and should be avoided.
    • In new sessions, LUNA will only present VST3 format in the insert assignment browser, which is what is recommended for the best integration.

Known Bugs

  • Solos and Mutes actioned from inside LUNA do not correctly light the SOLO and MUTE buttons in the 360° Plug-in Mixer/on UC1/ on UF8 set to control the Plug-in Mixer Layer. However, actioning SOLO and MUTE from the 360° Plug-in Mixer or UC1/UF8 correctly lights the SOLO and MUTE buttons in LUNA.
  • There may be occasions where UC1/Plug-in Mixer follows the track selection in LUNA but then it stops working - this feature is still in development and not fully implemented yet.